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Spider is one of the most popular card solitaire.
Object of the game
  • Build eight sequences in suit within the tableau (from King to Ace) and then move them to eight foundations.
  • Cannot build on the foundations directly.
  • When an entire suite of thirteen cards is built, it moves to the foundation from the tableau automatically.
  • The game is won if nothing is left on the tableau.
  • Build down regardless of suit. For example, a 5 hearts can be played on a 6 heartsdiamondsspadesclubs.
  • The top cards of each tableau column are available for play on another tableau column.
  • Cards of the same suit and in descending sequence can be moved as a group to another column.
  • Nothing can be placed on an Ace. A King cannot move except to an empty space.
  • Empty tableau can be filled with any available card or packed sequence.
  • Click once on the stock to deal a new row of cards to the tableau.
  • Cannot deal a new row when there is empty tableau.
  • There is no redeal.
  • The joker brings a necessary card to the front. However, you will get more score if not using it.
  • You can undo your last move. However, you will get more score if not using it.
  • You can find the card which can be moved to other columns. However, you will get more score if not using it.
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