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Hexagonal Minesweeper can also be played on mobile devices.
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Find all mined cells!
  • The game is cleared when you find all the mines hidden on the map.
  • At the start of the game, open the blinking cell.
  • The number on the opened cell indicates the number of mines in the six adjacent cells.
  • In the case, it means that there are two mines in the six adjacent cells.
  • If you find a no-mined cell, open the cell.
  • If you find a mined cell, place a flag in the cell.
  • When the number of adjacent flags in a cell is equal to the number of that cell, select "Open Completly" to open all the adjacent closed cells at once.
Keyboard Controls
  • Open a cell: Move the cursor to the closed cell and press the Spacebar.
  • Place a flag: Move the cursor to the closed square and press F key.
  • Remove a flag: Move the cursor to the square with the flag and press F.
  • Open all the adjacent closed cells: Move the cursor to the cell with a number and press the Spacebar.
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